About Amanda Dickson

Amanda Dickson operates a small beauty business from her home in Redwood, Christchurch.

A specialist in electrolysis and facial therapy, she likes to focus her time to these two main areas as the results are very rewarding.

"I think If you do what you love for a living you will never work a day in your life"

With a career spaning almost 3 decades, Amanda has a wealth of knowledge on skin conditions and unwanted hair on the face. In more recent years Amanda has become a qualified adult educator and takes small groups of experienced beauty therapists for up skilling courses such as hot stone massage.

Aromatherapy has always been a passion for Amanda. Blending essential oils to massage the face and body as well as good daily skin nourishment for the face and body.

"I'm always working on blends of essential oils that work well together, a bit like a perfume"