Sanded, Buffed, Massaged and Polished a.d beautytherapy is making a name for itself as the place to get a great pedicure.

An experience of relaxation as you recline or sit while your twinkle toes get a pamper to remember. Stockist of ####Du It #### foot and heel balm with Urea, AHAs and Vitamin E .

Magic non-greasy barrier protection

Full Pedicure


The hard skin is removed from the heels first, leaving feet feeling soft and smooth. Nails are clipped, filed & buffed, and cuticles treated. Feet are soaked and exfoliated,followed by a relaxing foot and leg massage. This will leave you walking on air after your chosen polish is applied.

60 minutes

Calloused, cracked and corn removal


Sometimes I am faced with heels that need more TLC than I have time for. An extra 30 minutes is needed for maybe your first or second treatment.

30 minutes

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